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G'day! Fancy seeing you here!
Hello, hello! Welcome to Like Whoa! (, a home to... well, house the fanlistings that I (Apprentice, for the record!) have created. Plus any I create in the future. There should be a good few. :D

Please, take a look around, maybe join a fanlisting or two, or just tease me behind my back about my nerdy interests, etc. Whatever tickles your fancy.

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Note: The stunning artwork used in the current layout was drawn by and is the property of Yukipon. Used with very generous permission.

Oh, and if you're after my personal website instead, you're looking for pr0n & chocolate (! Or my personal blog? You'll need my LiveJournal for that. :)

collective statistics
I've joined and own fanlistings in 58 categories!

Owned: Okay, so I've built and am currently running 4 fanlistings which, combined, have a total of 1036 members, with 0 waiting for me to add them, woohoo. :D

Joined: I'm a member of 693 fanlistings!

Growth Rates: I get members joining my fanlistings at a pace of 0.23 a day, while I join other people's fanlistings at a rate of 0.17. :)